Ann Cameron Haley

Graduate Fellowship, 2011

 Master of Medical Science, Physician Assistants Program, Feinberg School of Medicine, June 2013Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, 2009 As an undergraduate, Ann was one of 12 students in the Greek Community to be recognized for her service to the University by her selection to the Omega Society Honor Roll in 2009.  Since graduation she has served as Research Study Coordinator for Northwestern’s Department of Dermatology Clinical Trials Unit.  Doctors describe her contributions to their research group as “the gold standard, based on her extraordinary performance and personal interactive skills . . . She is beautifully organized, incredibly conscientious, and full of initiative in her work . . . A true leader,” Ann has “co-lead focus groups of medical students and residents” and helped develop “ novel educational methods to train medical students in the early detection of melanoma. . . She has single handedly spearheaded a new tissue acquisition program and played a major role in at least two other particularly complex trials. . .  She will be very hard for us to replace.”  Over the past two years Ann has co-authored 8 peer-reviewed articles and 9 abstracts and participated in 14 scholarly presentations, clearly showing her potential to become an effective leader in her chosen field.   Most importantly, “she has consistently demonstrated empathy for patients, has the utmost respect for confidentiality, and is sensitive to their needs - all characteristics which typify a compassionate, competent Physician Assistant.”