Emma Dutton

Graduate Fellowship, 2011

Master of Science in Journalism, Medill School of Journalism, 2012
Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering 2011

An undergraduate who “rates high in her class in the Department of Materials Science, one of the top five in the country,” Emma is described as “a highly motivated and enthusiastic student/researcher.”  Currently she is completing an honors senior project which is based on her work with the Barnett research group.  She is “extremely passionate about solving the environmental ‘puzzle’ that our society is currently facing and developing sustainable solutions for the future.. . While she could easily go on for a PhD in engineering, she is uniquely well positioned . . . to make an important impact in science- and technology-related journalism.”  Her perspective on science reporting has been shaped by her own lab experience, including a month at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.  By presenting “technical information in a visual manner that educates and entertains readers of all knowledge levels,” Emma hopes to bridge the “chasm between scientist and laymen.” She believes “there is a cultural shift necessary before humans will protect the environment” and hopes through her work in public media “to be a steward of said changes.”